Soul 2 Sole has the expertise and the know how to ensure your special event is a success!

Catering to special and ethnic events is our speciality. We are able to provide services for events like School Dances, Communions, Baptisim, Bar Mitzvahs, Parsi Navjote, Indian Religious festivals & Ethnic themed Picnic's.

We take pride in respecting all religious occasions and ensuring that the event meets and exceeds our clients' expectations. Our music database includes a rich variety of authentic ethnic music from around the world!s

Our special event co-ordinators can help with arrangements for any type of  event and co-ordinating the special day to your personal needs.

Soul 2 Sole takes pride that is has nearly 20 years of experience in special events handling. We value the feedback for every event and your referals from family and friends.

We also specialize in Special Interactive Routines for Corporate or Special events:

1) YMCA: Choreographed dance with hats for Groom/Groomsmen or selected group. MC duties from DJ with crowd interaction
2) CONGA: Conga line with maracas & sombrero hats. DJ in the crowd stimulating participation. Great way to start and get people up dancing!
3) LIMBO: Limbo contest with collapsible limbo pole and leiis for the crowd. MC duties from DJ with crowd interaction.
4) AIR GUITAR: Air guitar / lip sync competition with blow up mics and guitars. Includes tinsel-wigs. Great Kodak moment! Another variation – Blues Brothers performance with hats, sunglasses, mics etc.
5) CONTESTS: Dance contests including Twist, Dirty Dancing, Stayin’ Alive, Macarena (who can be the most creative?) & Country line dancing. Additional props and MC duties from the DJ to get the crowd pumped up!

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