Soul 2 Sole has the expertise and the know how to ensure your corporate event is a success.

Your company requirements might be just having a PA(Personal Adress) System or a Full Sevice Modbile DJ service with sound and light equipment. A experienced DJ with good music and enterainment system can make your party a resounding success. Whether it is a TEAM BUILDING EVENT or a HOLIDAY XMAS DINNER we make the Party Come Alive and ensure you and your company employees are satisfied with the entertainment you have always been looking for.

A wide variety of music is provided which includes:50's,60's,70's,80's,90's, Country Music, Big Band, Rock, International Music, Modern dance Music. We can cater to any particular theme music or  traditional christmas music. We also carry a wide variety of Ethinic music from all over the world by request only.

Soul 2 Sole Entertainment will work with your organizing commitee to ensure all their requirements are met "Before & During" the event. Soul 2 Sole believes in ensuring your party is a raging success and everyone has fun.

We also specialize in Special Interactive Routines for Corporate or Special events:

1) YMCA: Choreographed dance with hats for Groom/Groomsmen or selected group. MC duties from DJ with crowd interaction
2) CONGA: Conga line with maracas & sombrero hats. DJ in the crowd stimulating participation. Great way to start and get people up dancing!
3) LIMBO: Limbo contest with collapsible limbo pole and leiis for the crowd. MC duties from DJ with crowd interaction.
4) AIR GUITAR: Air guitar / lip sync competition with blow up mics and guitars. Includes tinsel-wigs. Great Kodak moment! Another variation – Blues Brothers performance with hats, sunglasses, mics etc.
5) CONTESTS: Dance contests including Twist, Dirty Dancing, Stayin’ Alive, Macarena (who can be the most creative?) & Country line dancing. Additional props and MC duties from the DJ to get the crowd pumped up!

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